And so Flow’s tentacles continue to spread globally ... with our first website for a France-based client.

A few months ago, Flowstars Tiffany Turkington-Palmer and Kate Turkington went on an exclusive cooking and painting holiday at the luxurious Château de la Creuzette in the French countryside. True to form, they persuaded the owners that it was high time for their website to be as beautiful as their venue.

The old website of Château de la Creuzette.

We are pleased to announce that that goal has been achieved, and the new website was recently launched.

La Creuzette owners Hardy Olivier and Louis Janse van Vuuren are somewhat iconic South African personalities – the pair have two best-selling cookbooks to their name, and Janse van Vuuren is also a well-known artist.

The new website of Château de la Creuzette is launched!

For the past 15 years they have been running the château and are exceedingly popular with guests from around the world for their painting and cooking packages.

What a dream. Don’t we all want to visit a beautiful château in the French countryside, learn how to create beautiful culinary and artistic creations, and do a bit of sightseeing on the side?

La Creuzette owners Hardy Olivier and Louis Janse van Vuuren as they appear on the website.

That is the exact feeling that we wanted to create with the new website. We focused on a visual layout to enable us to showcase photos of the château and its experiences at their best. The layout itself was also chosen to capture simplicity and elegance with a modern twist – just as Château de la Creuzette does.

Flowstars Kate Rau, Alison Weir-Smith and I rolled up our sleeves to make the magic happen. The first step was to find a website template that would work for the hotel, with its unique booking and contact requirements, as well as add the visual element we were after.

The second step was to organise the website content so that the visual journey would work with a user’s digital experience. All the various experiences the château offers, such as cooking, painting, exploring and event packages, were grouped and showcased on individual pages. 

We focused on photos to tell the story of Château de la Creuzette.

Photos were, of course, one of our highest priorities, and we showcased these through full-page images on landing pages, images accompanying text on panels, galleries and even a featured Instagram gallery.

One of the things that makes this website special, besides its beautiful layout, is the way we worked with the client throughout the project – there were regular Skype and email check-ins, as quick visits or telephone calls to France were out of the question.

Coloured panels were used to showcase short pieces of information with photos.

“It was an exhilarating journey with the creative expertise of the team at Flow Communications,” the La Creuzette team said when it pushed the site live.

As a team Flow is very proud to launch this website for La Creuzette, and we can’t wait to see how it will grow in the future.

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