Genesis Analytics, the largest economics-based consulting firm in Africa, has launched a totally revamped Genesis Financial News & Data website developed by Flow.

The website performs two major functions: delivering banking sector news to subscribers and providing a data service that includes more than 5 000 analytic tables online.

A screenshot of the Genesis Financial News & Data website landing page.

Flow Communications launched the website in early September 2017. It was developed using a combination of the Laravel PHP framework and an AngularJS front-end. The application uses a single-page application (SPA) architecture, which translates into snappy responsiveness for users. Some clever database query optimisation means that reports that used to take more than 30 seconds to generate now generate, on average, in less than one second.

Another win was the automation of South African Reserve Bank (SARB) data – SARB data is now automatically retrieved and processed, whereas previously this was done manually. The old process included a manual import that took, on average, four hours to complete. The Genesis team can now do the same import in a matter of minutes.

“In a data-heavy environment, speed is everything,” says Richard Frank, head of digital at Flow Communications. “We looked at every aspect of the user experience and optimised it with both the administrators of the system and the end users in mind.”

Economists use the service to analyse trends in the banking industry – for instance, you can look up the total equities and liabilities of any South African bank, or all banks together, and use historical data for comparison. A report builder means that analysts can develop customised reports that automatically update every month.

“We look forward to developing the product further with the team at Genesis Analytics and responding to the evolving needs of their subscriber base,” says Richard.

Meet the team at Genesis Financial News & Data.

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