Staff working at Flow Communications’ Johannesburg office celebrated a picnic with a warm touch on Friday 28 July at CEO Tara Turkington’s house. Along with their usual wit and enthusiasm, Flowstars were encouraged to bring something to donate to one of our clients, the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD).

Supporters show their true Flow spirit. (Image: Flow Communications)

The NCPD promotes equal rights for persons with disabilities through training, research and consultative services. As Flow’s head of PR, Caroline Smith, explains, “We believe in doing more than just communications work with our clients – we view our clients as partners and that’s why we chose to donate to the organisation.” She said the NCPD does amazing work, which Flow supports in any way it can.

Responding to the appeal, Flowstars made substantial donations of blankets and clothing that was presented at the NCPD’s offices the week after the picnic. As a non-governmental organisation, the NCPD is responsible for its own fundraising in order to continue its work.

Tara says it is important for Flow to make an effort during Mandela Month, and appreciated everyone’s contributions. “It’s really about gratitude. We’re grateful for what we have and it’s important for us to share with those we care about. We work with amazing people.”

She said the day was also about enjoying ourselves outside the office environment. “It was really great fun; it’s good to just relax and have fun as Flowstars.”

Richard Frank demonstrates his cricketing prowess. (Image: Flow Communications)

A perfect winter’s afternoon was packed with fun and games. Flowstars formed teams and competed in some challenging sports activities, which included touch rugby, cricket, table tennis and football, proving that there are very few things Flowstars can’t do.

Richard Frank, who heads Flow’s digital team, participated in the cricket and the touch rugby and gave his colleagues some tough competition. “It was great to see so many cricketers on our staff,” he says, adding that while some players demonstrated good skills, others showed great heart.

“The award for best bowler went to John Kazembe from the administration team, while the best batsman was Roy Barford from business development. A special mention to Sally-Ann Niven from the project management team for her perseverance. Finally, we hope Gail Cameron, head of project management, lasts more than five minutes in our next encounter!”

Richard says since Flow has grown much bigger in recent years, it is not always possible to chat to everyone and to interact with colleagues from other departments. “It was good to get to know people you wouldn’t ordinarily chat with in day-to-day work. And you learn new things about people on the sports field.”

Making the most of the winter sun at the Flow picnic. (Image: Flow Communications)

Project manager Roshni Nana echoes these sentiments. “We should do this more often. It’s lovely to see Flowstars having good fun and interacting in a different environment.” She says the call for donations to the NCPD was a fitting addition to the day. “It was a thoughtful idea to couple the two – encouraging a sense of giving while having fun. So we should have more fun so we can give more!”

One of the newest members of the Flow family, social media strategist Busisiwe Skhosana, says that as a newcomer she felt it was a beautiful and relaxed way to end the week and her first month. “I found it particularly interesting that it was a staff gathering, yet we didn’t talk about work, even once.”

Busisiwe commends Flowstars on their donations to the NCPD. “I think what our staff did for the NCPD is really great. Making a difference, no matter how small, is going to make a huge difference to the lives of those we give to.”

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