“Capture” is one of the catchphrases of the year – every day, South Africans hear or talk about someone or something, somewhere, being captured. But I know what has captured my heart – Flow Communications!

Tondani Luvhengo, embracing the Flow culture.

I joined Flow on 1 August 2016 as business development executive. I’m surrounded by an awesome team of people who know what they are doing and who have always made my time at Flow amazing.

My job is to win work, make friends and charm prospective clients. The best thing about my work is that nothing is planned and my life revolves around deadlines and more deadlines. This is the part where I value my colleagues even more, because I could not meet my work deadlines if it wasn’t for them.

Being a business development person at Flow Communications has groomed me to be assertive and has grown my leadership skills as well. I'm able to make calculated decisions.

I’ve also learnt to deal with different types of people, especially since I'm surrounded by colleagues who are culturally diverse. They are such an inspiring bunch and keep me on my toes.

Here’s my trip down memory lane at Flow – all the great things I’ve observed and learned and some of the reasons why I’ve been captured:

Space to grow

At Flow Communications, there are no babysitting or micromanaging tendencies. You are given space to be your own person.

Go with the Flow

Flowstars are given the opportunity to see what works and then to go with it.

Be yourself

We are all given the chance to be ourselves, take on new responsibilities and climb to greater heights.

Show off talent

The Flow team is multitalented and no-one’s ability is underestimated. Everyone is given the chance to grow their unique talents.

The best values

Flow has a culture of having respect for your peers. We trust and have empathy for one another.

Life’s a ball

Flow culture is infused with lots of fun – and the monthly staff meeting is not to be missed.

All systems go

We don’t play around with deadlines. Everyone here is trying to meet them and everybody takes their work very seriously.

So, bring on the workplace surveys! I’m sure Flow will be voted the best place to work! With our wide range of clients and many different characters, there’s never a dull moment in this workplace.

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