We all know a thing or two about deadlines – and the cost of missing them. We also all know about wishing for more hours in a day. And we’re all too familiar with the inconvenience of heavy traffic.

But not many of us know that there is an app to help ease these concerns – quite literally at the touch of a button. 1Fetch is an app-based, on-demand, same-day delivery service offered in Johannesburg that can help users save time and money.

At Flow, we have been tasked with spreading the 1Fetch word far and wide, using digital advertising, social media and public relations.

The 1Fetch delivery service app – the answer for an on-demand, online society. (Image: 1Fetch)

1Fetch co-director Panico Theocharides explains how he would have benefited from an on-demand delivery service during his time as an investment banker.

“Often I would go to the gym in the morning, and have packed my stuff to shower at gym. After my run, I’d rush to get ready for my first morning meeting, only to realise that I’d left my work shoes at home. Again.”

Panico would then head to work in his smart suit pants, paired with his Nike running shoes, on the phone, trying to organise for his work shoes to be dropped off at the office. Again.

Then, as fate would have it, Panico crossed paths with Jason Psillos (who he had met previously in the banking world). A former chartered accountant, Jason was looking to bring an idea to life – something he had been considering for a while. He explained his idea to Panico, who was immediately keen to get involved – especially as it offered a solution to Panico’s shoe-forgetfulness.

When the pair began to introduce the idea of an on-demand, same-day delivery app to friends and family, the response was almost always the same: “I’ve always thought we needed something like that!”

Jason explains that “entrepreneurship is about taking the ‘Ah, I thought of that’ moment to the next level of ‘Yes, we developed that’. That is how 1Fetch was born.”

1Fetch grew from an idea between two friends, and can help users save time and money. (Image: 1Fetch)

When asked why they decided on an app as the vehicle for the service, Jason says, “We initially decided on building an app because of the on-demand, online phenomenon society is experiencing. And then, once we had Flow on board, we decided to build a web-based version of our app, too.”

Since launching in June 2016, 1Fetch has been saving users time (and money) in the corporate space and in everyday life. There have been deliveries of (what otherwise would have been belated) birthday gifts; comfort blankets to young children at school because mom couldn’t miss a meeting; document deliveries for corporates; and medicine pick-ups from the vet, among others. And all of these have one thing in common: urgency.

The heroes behind the app – the 1Fetch drivers. (Image: 1Fetch)

The 1Fetch drivers are the unsung superheroes of today – they can, quite literally, “save your day”.

To see how 1Fetch works, and to have it on hand when your day needs saving, download the app here:

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